Small Business Promotion

CCPRO produces videos for a variety of small businesses, government agencies, non-profit groups and individual clients.  Here is a sampling of some recent works.


Industrial Safety Videos are key tools for Safety Managers.  Often they are shown to visitors before they are allowed to tour the facility.  They are also useful to remind employees, contractors and regular visitors of they safety rules in the plant.  If your facility needs a safety video, Call me.  I'd love to help!


Non-Profit Awareness

I was proud to work with the Christian County Public School System to produce a video for their State of the Schools annual breakfast.

Non-profit entities in Christian County hold a special place in my heart.  Working with the great Jennifer Maddux at the United Way, I've produced the United Way of the Pennyrile Campaign video for the past 5 years.  In each of the 5 years, the Campaign has met or exceeded its financial goals.  That success is entirely due to the tremendously generous support from the citizens and business of Christian County, (but I like to think the video helped a little bit too).


In addition to the United Way video, I also worked with Terrence Davis at the Boys and Girls Club to help with their annual campaign.  These kids are so worthy of support and respect.  Many of them come from difficult circumstances at home and need the guidance, support and academic tutoring that the staff and volunteers of Boys and Girls Club provides.  Give this video a look and see for yourself if the Boys and Girls Club in Hopkinsville is worthy of support.


Personnel Recruiting

It's so hard to find good help these days!


The firefighters and EMS personnel of the Hopkinsville Fire Department are the best in the business. We are all fortunate these professionals are on the job in Christian County.  Not just anyone can be a firefighter/EMS in Hopkinsville. The standards are high - because the job is rigorous.


When Fire Chief Freddie Montgomery approached me to produce a video to help recruit and retain qualified employees, I was only too glad to help.  Warning:  If you are not already a firefighter this video is going to make you want to be one.



Nursing is also a critical skill that requires exceptional people.  I was happy to work with the Neonatal Nurse Practitioners at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, Centennial Hospital in Nashville and Tennova Hospital in Clarksville to help them make this recruiting video.  The nurses who care for critically ill newborn infants are a special kind of person.  Grace and skill under pressure is just the beginning.  Finding the right employees for this job requires a special effort.


If your business needs good people, then a recruiting video is a great way to attract them.

Real Estate

There is no question that real estate supported by a genuine walk-through video tour will have an advantage over homes that do not have such a tour. reports that property supported by a video is 4 times as likely to generate a call than homes without.


Here is a fact of life: Pretty much no one buys a home anymore without first checking it our on the Internet.  A home tour video essentially becomes it's first showing. Such a video gives buyers a real feel for the home before ever setting foot in it.  And better yet it helps screen potential buyers.  Those who do schedule an appointment already have an expectation of what they are about to see.


Industrial Safety

Safety is everyone's business - and TRAD takes operational safety seriously.  Working with the TRAD Safety Manager, I produced this safety video for TRAD in Hopkinsville, KY

Support a Capital Campaign

The Carnegie Library is an historic and cultural treasure in the heart of downtown Hopkinsville.  Built over 100 years ago, it remains a very significant structure.  After falling into disrepair. a renewed effort is underway to restore this building to its original grandeur.


The roof and exterior have been sealed and the brick has been tuck pointed and restored.  The ground floor is now ready for occupancy and use for any number of gatherings including business meetings, receptions, lectures, tutoring and light concerts.  A capital Campaign is underway to restore the main floor of the building.  This video will be used to raise awareness and the money for this ongoing restoration effort.  Not every old building is worth preserving and restoring, but this one certainly is.

Celebrate Our Community

The 2017 Eclipse is right around the corner.  Hopkinsville is expecting tens of thousands of national and international visitors to witness this once-in-a-lifetime celestial event.  Hopkinsville is the single place on the planet for point of longest totality.  We are not letting this opportunity go unnoticed.  Plans are underway to showcase Hopkinsville as a great tourist destination.  This video was part of a series of videos to show the world that Hopkinsville is ready for the Eclipse of 2017.

Help Launch a New Business

AJ Jones and Peg Hays were kind enough to open Casey Jones Distillery in Christian County near Hopkinsville.  I was proud to attend this event and help them launch their new distillery.  The Eclipse moonshine is highly recommended!   Lights Out!


Here is a video I produced in collaboration with Heather Lancaster, Communications and Community Education Director for the Christian County Public School System.  The Student2Student Program is designed to help military dependents integrate into the new school.


Daniel Stahl